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Team Oliver welcomes new sponsor Tough Tech Limited.

Team Oliver would like to welcome new sponsor to the team - Tough Tech Limited!

ATLAS by Tough Tech is the next generation of integrated real-time tyre pressure monitoring (TPMS) technology. Combining tracking, security, wheel loss, engine monitoring and axle load monitoring in one system. TPMS is at the heart of the system and the foundation on which we have built a global vehicle & machine health telematics solution. All uniquely battery backed to operate even when the vehicle or machine is unpowered! Designed and built in the UK, ATLAS by Tough Tech offers unparalleled levels of integration and features beyond just TPMS. A complete real time vehicle health, machine & trailer connected system from sensor through to the fleet management application based in the Cloud.

Fleet managers are able to see data in real time from multiple vehicles, machines & trailers anywhere in the world and Respond to every alert raised in real-time and take action before the costs escalate. Don’t just take our word for it. One of the largest OTR & Industrial tyre service providers in Europe, Genie Civil Services in France are rapidly reacting to over 70% of customers on-site tyre related issues using Atlas technology to prevent asset losses and increase operational efficiency.

Atlas is a complete independent solution for any vehicle, any machine, any trailer, any brand, any market, any tyre: Fleet digitisation, Safety, Reduced carbon footprint, Fuel efficiency, Asset Management, Security of asset, Meeting legal requirements, Resource management, Fleet efficiency, Journey health. And so much more. Our current customers include, OEM’s, Hauliers, Heavy Transportation operators, Mining & Extraction, Construction, Ports, PSV, Agricultural, Tyre manufacturers, Tyre service providers, mechanical handling and Industrial operations. With years of experience in the M2M/IoT (Internet of Things) as well the global vehicle and machine tyre industry. It’s not just innovation that drives Tough Tech, but the aspiration to become the global leader in TPMS based Telematics.

For more information visit

Thank you for your support we are looking forward to working together!

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